Production news

Current Batch status

Royal Scot , pack 3 complete, pack 4 due March

Royal Scot re-built  pack 3 complete, pack 4 due March

LMS 2P   pack 3 complete, pack 4 due March

GW42xx,52xx,72xx   complete except section 5 instructions

LMS Jubilee, pack 4 complete final pack will contain boiler

GW Scott, GW Lady, GW Saint   pack 4 complete, final pack  new body etch in, waiting on boiler.

Workshop Days    – £60

We have completed 8 sessions and they have gone very well helping customers who are just starting out and not having the confidence to do there first fold, to getting one customer through setting his valves to first run on our track, he was very happy.

The workshop is being run by Steve Barrett to help all those customers requiring that bit of extra help, from opening the box to start the first piece, to forming and soldering to setting valve gear and finally the first steam test.

We will start at 10am and finish at 4pm , includes drinks and break for lunch.

You will have the full use of our tools, jigs, soldering hearth, and expert for only £60.

We are only taking 3 customers per session  so please book early.

Next Workshop day            

     Friday 27th March, 15th May, 2020

   If you wish to use our facilities, jigs and learn to solder, hourly sessions can be booked with Steven by phoning the office.

Here you can find updates on our current and upcoming locomotive builds. The information includes estimated build and completion dates, pack availability and current  production status. We also have details regarding our Workshop and training days.

All dates for completion are estimates and may vary, we will post updates if this occurs.

Updated 28th Jan 2020