Scale           : 10mm : 1ft

  Length         : 647mm (25.5”)

  Radius         : Minimum 2.3m  (7’ 6”)


  Weight        : 5Kg  (10 LB)  estimated.

  Fuel             : Alchohol  (Methylated spirit) supplied by constant level feed system.

  Boilers         : Internally fired, multi flue, superheated. with safety  valve.

                     : Built from copper and bronze, silver soldered throughout.

                     : Tested to 200psi  (13bar)

                     : Max. allowable working pressure 100psi (6.5bar)

  Controls       : Regulator, blower, pressure gauge.

                     : Spirit models have spirit valve and water level test cock.

  Cylinders     : Two, 12.7mm dia x 22mm stroke (1/2” x 7/8”)

  Valvegear    : Slip eccentric, slide valve, between frames.

  Lubrication   :  Displacement (Rosco) type.

  Water feeds : Water carried in the tender which contains hand  pump and  bypass valve.

                     : An axledriven pump with its pipework, clack valve and boiler feed.

                     : High pressure ‘ball & socket’ coupling between loco and tender.

  General       : Loco suspension, buffers and coupling hooks sprung.

                     : Wheels and axles are to Gauge One ‘Standard’ dimensions.

LMS Jubilee Production,  pack 4 of 5 complete, pack 5 boiler
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