One off special  LMS Black 5 spirit fired  the loco is painted in LMS livery, black and lined out in red.

The Locomotive has our standard fittings including handpump and axlepump, regulator, blower and water level controls. This is a spirit fired kit with toast rack burner fed from Meths stored in the tender, this also carries water and the hand operated pump.

LMS Black 5 has had a final test run and steams very well, you will have the opportunity to view this Locomotive at our next show,   

LMS Black 5 fully finished  special offer price £5,071. Ready to go today


LMS Black 5

test run on track

Click for youtube link

Complete kits in stock ready for posting,

                    GNR Atlantic     spirit fired  £2,550         coal fired      £2,795

                    GW47xx            coal fired   £2,645


Postage for 1 box by special delivery for the UK  £30

For overseas please contact for prices.