The clerestory coaches are going through a redesign, using more brass castings and developing the underframe detailing.  The kits will be available later next year, RTR will be available from the start 2022.

Wheels, interiors , transfers, adhesives, and paints are NOT included


       Dean’s GWR Clerestory stock of 1893 they are typical of the stock hauled by the Cities, Saints, Stars etc.  They where a milestone in the development of GWR coaches, corriders faced No.1 platform at Paddington with 3rd class at the front, 1st class in the centre and 2nd class at the rear.  During the holiday season or when passengers wished to meet the translantic Liners which docked at Falmouth, additional tricomposite coaches known as Falmouth coupes were attached to the rear so that they and their passengers could be uncoupled and attached to a local to go down the branch line to Falmouth.  Thus a typical train would be six to seven coaches marshalled as follows.

     Loco,    Baggage van (K14),   Brake 3rd (D10),    All 3rd (C8),     

        1st/3rd composite (E38),   Brake 2nd (D12),  Or 3rd (D10),   

                   Tricomposite 1st/2nd/3rd , Falmouth Coupe (E39)

Kit prices include etchings for coach bogies and bodies, whitemetal detail castings, sprung suspension, hooks and buffers plus instructions

 Post & packing charge not included

Liveries as built

1890-1898    chocolate and cream with full panelling and lining.

1898-1907    brown all over

1908-1912   chocolate lake all over

1912-1923    lined crimson lake

1923 onwards chocolate and cream without panelling and lining