Occasionally we acquire one of our locomotive kits, sometimes part built, and complete the build ready for sale.

At the moment we have a Black 5 in stock, the build has been completed, the loco painted and lined.

The Locomotive has our standard fittings including handpump and axlepump, regulator, blower and water level controls. This is a spirit fired kit with toast rack burner fed from Meths stored in the tender, this also carries water and the hand operated pump.

LMS Black 5 has had a final test run and steams very well, you will have the opportunity to view this Locomotive at our next show,    Gauge 1 north in Bakewell.

LMS Black 5 fully finished  price £5,071

With our ready to run locomotives we currently have a waiting list of 18 months.


When you place your order for one of our kits to be built up, a completion date will be discussed.