Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616


Update  13th June 2017

Notes for your diary Garden Steam up 24th June please phone to book..

locos started Aug 2016- October 2017

LMS 2P  No’s 91 to 110 4th pack ready, boilers and cylinders will be ready end of June

New batch of loco kits started August 2016

GW Hall   4th delivery ready end of July.

Royal Scot 4th delivery ready end of July.

GW14xx the whole design needs to be complete before we issue any parts. delivery will now be made as a complete box in October 2017 with instructions,   This kit has been designed with twin cylinders.

Future models

Atlantic LBSC or GNR, coal fired or spirit, New batch start production in August 2017 first parts ready October 2017.

New design GW42xx/52xx or 72xx all same basic design with changes in running boards and bunker  New batch to start production October 2017, first parts ready December 2017.

Workshop Sessions    – £10 p/hour

The workshop is being run by Steve Barrett to help all those customers requiring that bit of extra help, from opening the box to start the first piece, to forming and soldering to setting valve gear and finally the first steam test.

Phone the office to book a session of one to one help, available on thursdays and fridays only.

All jigs and soldering equipment will be available to use.