Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616

      All our Locomotive kits are produced and delivered in batches of  four parts, accept for electrics, which will have fewer postings  It takes 12 to 18 months to complete all the parts, do the machining and  assembly of the more complex parts.  For example the steam chest, boiler, wheels.

I have split the locos into their current batches and listed what is available, select starter kits section or advanced model makers kit section to find out more information.

UPDATED 13th June 2017

Starter kits BACK.


Started August 2015         

GW   2-6-0   Mogul  collett/churchwood    £2,431  SOLD OUT

GW  4-6-0    Manor                                  £2,438   SOLD OUT

GWR King    spirit fired        3 kits            £2,694  100% complete

                    coal fired         3 kits            £2,866   100% complete

Started October 2015

GW  2-6-2  Prairie                2 kits            £2,261   100% complete

Started August 2016

LMS Royal Scot    spirit                           £2,723  75% complete

LMS Royal Scot     coal                           £2,894  75% complete

GW Hall   spirit                                        £2,564  75% complete

NEW BATCH start production October 2017

GW 42xx 2-8-0 tank   spirit                       £2,295 new

Choose 42xx, 52xx or 72xx kit


November 2015       LNER J38  steam           £1,330    SOLD OUT

October 2015          GER 0-6-0T   J65           £1030     SOLD OUT

April 2016-17          LMS 2P spirit fired         £1,586    SOLD OUT

May 2017-18           LMS 2P spirit fired         £1,634    New batch

November 2016-17     GW 14xx tank             £1,150   New batch

Locomotives kits GER J65 LNER J38