Following the introduction of the Royal Scot class in 1927 it was felt that another loco of similar power but reduced weight and thus greater route availability was required. William Stanier, the new CME, arrived in 1932 and set about the task. Starting with the Scot chassis and motion a new tapered boiler was added, the first example 5552 appeared in 1934.

Further orders were added until the class totalled 191. During their lifetime there were many versions. The obvious visible changes were from the straight throatplate 2A boiler to the new sloping 3A version. Domes and water feed boxes also moved to suit. Later in their lives some of the class were ‘rebuilt’ with double chimneys.

Most of the Jubilees were fitted with Stanier 4000gal, 7ton, roll top tenders. However, number 4564-73 were fitted with Fowler 3500g ones, displaced  from the Scot rebuilding program. Liveries started in LMS red but included the late BR black and BR green. BR also experimented with blue and green versions.


Our model is based on the original single chimney version with either the 2A or 3A boiler. In common with our other designs, the working valvegear will be a robust, slip eccentric, protected between the frames. The outer Walshaerts valvegear will move in a prototypical manner but not be functional, what has been referred to as ‘Bullshaerts!

 The book ‘LMS Jubilees No.2’ by Essery and Toms ,( Wild Swan 1994) gives full accounts of all variants.


 Scale           : 10mm : 1ft

 Length         : 647mm (25.5”)

 Radius         : Minimum 2.3m  (7’ 6”)


  Weight        : 5Kg  (10 LB)  estimated.

 Fuel             : Alchohol  (Methylated spirit) supplied by constant level feed system.

 Boilers         : Internally fired, multi flue, superheated. with safety  valve.

                    : Built from copper and bronze, silver soldered throughout.

                    : Tested to 200psi  (13bar)

                    : Max. allowable working pressure 100psi (6.5bar)

 Controls       : Regulator, blower, pressure gauge.

                    : Spirit models have spirit valve and water level test cock.

 Cylinders     : Two, 12.7mm dia x 22mm stroke (1/2” x 7/8”)

 Valvegear    : Slip eccentric, slide valve, between frames.

 Lubrication   :  Displacement (Rosco) type.

 Water feeds : Water carried in the tender which contains hand  pump and  bypass valve.

                    : An axledriven pump with its pipework, clack valve and boiler feed.

                    : High pressure ‘ball & socket’ coupling between loco and tender.

 General       : Loco suspension, buffers and coupling hooks sprung.

                    : Wheels and axles are to Gauge One ‘Standard’ dimensions.

LMS Jubilee
Production Starts Aug 18