GWR 14xx
Pack 1: Complete
Pack 2: Complete
Pack 3: Complete
Pack 4: Jan 18
Kit progress 90%
     These are ideal for those whose machining facilities or skills are limited or whose modelling time is at a premium. They are a good stepping stone from the 4mm and 7mm kits into the world of gauge one live steam, before tackling one of our more advanced designs.

    The loco kit is assembled using nuts and bolts and glue with no soldering required.  This will be done by ourselves where needed.  The boilers are built, tested and certified in house. The steam chests and cylinder units come part assembled with pistons and valves in place ready for you to carry out the final assembly and seal them up. Laser cut steel frames, rods etc will need a little cleaning up and some piloted holes opening out to size with a drill. The etched brass components are supplied as flat sheets with only the simplest of bends left for you to do. Where these bends are required there is a fold line etched half way into the brass, allowing a neat, sharp bend. The boiler wrapper, the cab roof and the footplate droppers will be formed by us.  All essential pipework will be formed with the fittings soldered in place. The wheels will be on axles and quartered.  Detail castings are in brass, nicklesilver or if only cosmetic, whitemetal.  

     All machining is done. Pressure gauge, screws ,nuts, rivets, ‘O’ ring seals, springs etc. are included to complete the assembly.  You will require some hand tools such as some fine files, small screwdrivers and spanners. Small pliers and tweezers are essential to position screws and nut where fingers cannot go. A drilling facility (which could be an electric drill on a stand) may be useful.  
     The model making hobby is littered with part built projects which have been abandoned because the modeller has hit a problem. We offer a ‘Get out of trouble service. It could be advice on the phone, a practical soldering training session in our works, correcting a mishap or setting valve timing. We include two hours free support or training session in our works and will try to advise over the phone during normal working hours. Over and above the two free hours there will be a nominal charge.

Scale     :-               10mm : 1ft

Length  :-               295mm,   Width  :-  85mm,    Height  :-  120mm

Weight :-               2.7kg  (4.5 lb) dry weight.

Min Radius           1175mm  ( 3ft 10inch)

Fuel   :-                 Alchohol  (Methylated spirit) supplied by constant level feed system.

Cylinders :-            Twin,  bore 12.7mm  x 20mm stroke

Boilers  :-               Internally fired, multi flue, superheated. with safety  valve. Built from copper
                             and bronze, silver soldered throughout. Tested to 200psi  (13bar)
                             Max.allowable pressure 100psi (6.5bar)

Controls  :-             Regulator, blower, pressure gauge, spirit valve and water level test cock.

Valvegear  :-          Slip eccentric drive to side valves.

Lubrication  :-        Displacement (Rosco) type.

Water feeds  :-       Water carried in both side tanks ,  handpump in left hand tank
         An axledriven pump with its pipework and bypass is being developed as an           optional extra

General     :-           All axles unsprung.  Buffers and coupling hooks are sprung.
                              Wheels and axles are to Gauge One   ‘Standard’ dimensions.