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Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

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Typical Steam Locomotive kit contents
All kits are designed to produce working, live steam locomotives.  Depending on the model, they contain anything between 600 and 800 parts.  For those requiring electrically operated model we can in many instances supply a reduced kit.
The building of the kits requires some bending of sheet brass, soldering and drilling of holes which have already been piloted in the etched brass.  The modeller will need a range of small pliers, files, screwdrivers and have access to a small bench drill.  Soft (lead) soldering and adhesives are used in the assembly of the model.
The kits are manufactured in small batches and supplied as monthly instalments usually over 12 months.  The price of the kit also includes 2 hours free help and instruction be that in the factory unit or over the phone.The following illustrations and text are a selection of typical components from several models. Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Main loco frames,
Buffer and drag beam
Coupling rods, Connecting rods
Valve drive rods, Guide bars,
Drag link, Coupling hooks,
Eccentric straps,
Fly cranks, Motion parts
Tender body and chassis
Loco chassis stretchers
Horncheeks, Smokebox, Cab
Boiler and firebox cladding
Firebox door, Running boards
Cladding throatplate,
Smokebox doors, air vent
Dome, Superheater covers
Steam pipes detail fitting,
Safety valve bonnets
Bogie side frames, brakeshoes
Tender and loco axleguards,
Scoop dome, water filler,
Brake & scoop stanchions, buffer stocks, cross heads
Tender/bogie/driving wheels
Axles, bushes, axle boxes
Piston rods,Valves, cylinders,
Steam chest, Port block,
eccentrics,axlepump connecters
Crankpins,Regulators, chimney
Blower union and jet, whistles
Exhaust union and jet
Handpump, axlepump,
Controls, clack valve,
Backhead tee, lubricator body
Burner, Boiler-tested certified,
Cylinders and valve chest
Screws, nuts, ‘O’rings, rivets
Springs, stainless steel balls,
Split pins, wire, handrail knobs
Pressure gauge, Chain, wick
     The construction manual covers every operation including forming, soldering, setting valve gear, testing, painting and operation.  There are tips on making simple fixtures to assist the construction.  It is profusely illustrated with drawings, photographs, sectional and exploded diagrams.  All parts are identified by colour illustrations.