In 1919, G.J.Churchward amalgamated his 43xx Mogul design, the Swindon No.1 boiler and an extra driving wheel set to produce the 47xx mixed traffic 2-8-0 locomotive. This proved a successful combination but a little short on steam. A new boiler was designed for the loco, this becoming the No.7, and by mid 1921, the prototype, 4700, was fitted with it. The new smokebox layout also required outside steam pipes. The other 8 locos forming the class were built during 1922-3 to this later design.

As a mixed traffic loco they worked on fast freight, parcels and passenger trains and proved very capable of any duty. They were a heavy engine and this restricted them from many routes.

They lasted well through BR days until the last one was scrapped in 1963.

This kit is of the large boilered version which covers the whole 47xx class from 1923. These models will all be spirit fired with hand and axle driven pumps. The loco will be fully spring. Two tender options are available, the 3500 gallon used between 1923-32, or the 4000 gallon used from 1932. There is also a choice of buffer stocks, tapered or parallel.


 Scale:-                  10mm to 1 foot

Length:-               660mm (26”)

Track radius:-      2.3m (7’6”t) minimum

Weight :-             5Kg  (10 lb ) est.

Fuel :-                  Alcohol  (Methylated spirit) supplied by constant

                            level feed system to a ‘toast rack’ style wick burner.

Boiler :-                Internally fired, multi flue, superheated, with safety valve.

                            Built from copper and bronze, silversoldered throughout.

                           Tested to 200psi  (13bar)

                           Maximum safe working pressure 100psi (6.5bar)

Controls :-   loco:    Regulator, blower, low water level  test valve, pressure  


                tender:   water pump bypass,  fuel valve.

Cylinders                Two, 12.7mm dia x 22mm stroke (1/2” x 7/8”)

Valvegear               Slip eccentric, slide valves, between frames

Lubrication             Displacement (Rosco) type.

Water feeds           Tender carries water in rear tank containing  hand pump.

                             Loco has axle pump driven from driving axle.

General                  Buffers and coupling hooks sprung.

                            Main loco axleboxes individually sprung.

                             Pony truck  sprung.

GWR 47xx
Production 10%, Pack 1 complete Feb