Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

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  We design and manufacture on site accurately detailed model steam locomotives, with all materials purchased in the Midlands.    Our Locomotive kits are produced over twelve months and delivered in 4  to 5 packs.  A deposit will secure your kit at todays prices.

Kits  100% complete

          GWR King …spirit fired kit    £2,694  

GW Prairie ….spirit fired kit    £2,261  

GW Hall …… spirit fired kit     £2,564  

Kits 90% complete

         Royal Scot… coal fired kit £2,894 and spirit fired kit £2,723

GW14xx tank kit confirmned as a twin cylinder with axlepump

Just needs castings to complete, spirit fired kit  £1,185 static kit £711

Kits 50% complete

LMS 2P starter kit pack 1 and 2 complete   £1,634

Pack 1 complete Feb 2018 GW47xx spirit fired kits  £2,694


   Payment can now be accepted by visa/master card

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